habit-building made fun!

habit · ar

(noun) - habit + avatar
a little buddy to help you reach your dreams

minimal egg


Keep it simple with no more than 5 tasks per day

personal egg


Choose the type of coaching that suits what you need every day!

fun egg


Watch your Habitar grow as you do, and unlock more Habitars as you succeed!

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Why use habitars?

Habitar uses principles of cognitive science, psychology, and game design to make adding useful habits into your life simple, effective, and fun.

Productive habits are contagious. Why not try to catch 'em all?

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Meet the Habitars!

Generation one!

Habitars start as eggs. As your habits become part of your life, they'll become happier... and if you're really consistent, you might find a wonderful surprise!

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How It Works

Your buddy grows when your habits do. Be consistent and you'll both be happy!

  • Choose your habits
  • Check them off
  • Watch your habitar evolve!

Kindred Spirits

Just a few of the fellows looking to cheer you on!

Catch 'em.

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